D.Gray-man 2x51

Words of Promise

The Level 4 starts its attack on the Central Headquarters. He targets Komui, thinking that he is an exorcist. When the Level 4 is trapped in a shield, Komui takes the oppurtunity to find Hevlaska, with Kanda and Chaoji following him. Meanwhile, Malcolm forces Lenalee to follow him and meet Hevlaska, with Lavi running after them. When Komui and Kanda go down the elevator, the Level 4 attacks them. Hevlaska tries to force the Innocence into Lenalee’s body, but suddenly, the Level 4 attacks Hevlaska, leaving her seriously injured. Lenalee tries to call out for her Innocence while the Level 4 steps on her head.

D.Gray-man: Season 2 Episode 51
Sep. 23, 2008

D.Gray-man season 2