D.Gray-man 2x34

Dark-Colored Rhapsody

After Krory’s defeat, Jasdevi moves onward toward Allen and the others. Meanwhile, the dying Krory encounters his lost love, Eliade, who tells him that by dying he’ll lose those humans who considered him a friend. More determined than ever, Krory’s blood leaves his body and attacks Jasdevi in a form created by his innocence called “Bloody Krory.” This weakens Jasdevi alot and after one final clash, Jasdevi de-materializes into Jasdero and David, causing them to stop and rest, ultimately falling through the door and disappearing. After the room Krory is in collaspes, Allen, Lenalee, Lavi, and Chaoji continue their walk through the ark and come to the final room, at the top of the tower, where Road and Tyki await.

D.Gray-man: Season 2 Episode 34
May. 27, 2008

D.Gray-man season 2