D.Gray-man 2x16

To Edo

Allen trains endlessly trying to regain the control over his Innocence, but the reports of his training show that he is making little to no progress. When he realizes this, he begins to try harder for teh sake of reviving his Innocence as he desprately wants to return to his friends to help them fight against the Akuma. Fou transforms into Roufa and has a talk with Allen reminding him that he isnt fighting just to fight but for something precious, this causes him to remember he is fighting for his friends. Tyki Mikk checks to see if the Cell Ronnin is correct with the Earl and he then sends a lvl 3 Akuma and a Tease to China to finish Allen.

D.Gray-man: Season 2 Episode 16
Jan. 22, 2008

D.Gray-man season 2